Born to a wealthy family in the capital of Mentesia, Teesa grew up in the luxuries of being a high society noble. A descendant of Earhart the Brave, Teesa grew up under her family motto of “Lead with Strength, Follow with Heart.”. This is evident in her decision to be trained as a Warrior of the Revod, an elite group of Quad Kingdom warriors. Upon the crumbling of the kingdoms joint alliance, they scattered through out the four kingdoms. Teesa, along with a few remaining warriors, attempted to maintain the sacred practices of the Revod. They were forced to go into hiding as the war forced the warriors to choose sides, a sin in their teachings. Teesa, found herself breaking her own vows as news of her sister being captured in a slave trade made her seek the assistance of King Declan of Ignusia.  In exchange for her loyalty and service, he dedicated efforts into liberating the camps where her sister is located. Upon the death of Kensuke, Teesa was pulled back to the castle under direct order from King Declan. He then temporarily assigned her to protect Rose as she was the only guard in the kingdom he could trust with his secret. 

If you were to ask her, she would tell you she was not too happy about the decision. Frankly, she felt quite betrayed by this sudden reassignment. The only reason she allowed it, was the increase in search support for her sister in exchange for protecting Rose. 

Teesa was greatly inspired by my own sister, who happens to be named Teeyanee. She is the Judo Queen of the family, and has the most beautiful of faces. I seriously think she got every single attractive gene in our pool. The one thing that inspired me to write Teesa is her lone wolf survival instinct. My sister has survived a rough upbringing with myself, navigated college entirely on her own, suffered heartbreak, betrayal, found love, and learned how to be a warrior on her own. Teesa was created in dedication to my sister. You will certainly be seeing more of her warrior mode in the next book.