The Curse of Ignus

*Just a heads up, spoiler alert. If you haven’t finished the first book I would advise avoiding reading on. *

We left our beloved Ignusia in the first book. Now we will be exploring the world of Tekra in further depth in the next installment, the Curse of Ignus. I have actually already had this in work for some time. The Book of Iudex went on much further, but I felt it needed to be cut in half for what was already happening. In the next book, things begin to become more difficult for Rose as she learns what it means to truly be queen. This will probably be my favorite of the series as I have drawn a lot of recent events in my life as inspiration. There will be moments of insecurity, triumph, magic, romance, blackmail, murder, sword fighting, oh and did I mention there would be romance involved? Rose and Declan will certainly have their love tested in the next book, The Curse of Ignus.

I am happy to say that I am quite excited to see the cover for the next book! Perhaps you will spot a certain theme among the art 😉 Thank you all who support the series!!-Tash