The Book of Iudex

Book 1 of the Paralleled Series

Everyone has secrets, even our own world. Hidden under a secret veil, exists a quad-kingdom world of mysterious people and magical, dangerous creatures. It is through this secret veil that future rulers of the four kingdoms are chosen, using a supernatural power called The Summoning. When the king of the fourth kingdom of Iudex is murdered, it calls for a new ruler—a new queen.

Rose is a post-recession, jobless graduate, who finds herself caught in the middle of this quad-kingdom war. Taken abruptly from her world, she finds herself suddenly burdened with a heavy and deadly crown on her head. A task she believes she is completely unqualified for, and a position she feels too terrified to hold.

She becomes a target of the deranged northern king, Amhar, and she must be protected by her allies in the eastern kingdom of Ignusia. While in this kingdom of fire, she discovers their king is none other than the boy who disappeared from her life ten years prior—Declan.

With the fate of the four kingdoms lying in her hands, she must learn fast while avoiding the entanglements of war, dreams of escape, and consequential love.

The Curse of Ignus

Book 2 of the Paralleled Series

“Give your right as ruler to me. Let the people see you are wise and have their interests at heart. Let someone who knows what they need, protect them.”

She froze. The ring on her finger suddenly felt heavier; the burden of her kingdom pulled down on her bone, begging to slip off and fall away.


The battle isn’t over, especially for Rose. Now as Queen, she faces a kingdom that is reluctant to accept her. Fixing a country in tatters from invasion isn’t an easy task, especially without the help of Declan—or anyone else for that matter. She could use her new power, the Everknow, but it comes at a cost she can’t afford to pay: her precious memories.

Her kingdom cannot survive another collapse, so they depend on her next move being the right one.

Tachina Eva’s second installment of the Paralleled Series spins a tale of growth, discovery, and overcoming fears. Follow Rose Bergeron in her journey as a new queen in a hidden, veiled world, as she battles an evil king and desperately tries to hold on to a love she thought she’d lost.



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Tiana was the escape master. Whether it be the house, avoiding schoolwork, or even in her own mind, she could find a way to escape. This is common of children raised in tempestuous childhoods. Survival, whether physically or socially, is the greatest teacher of this craft. In this, she was a Jedi.

Her younger sister, Taree, was the fighter. With the odds of her own birth being short of a miracle, she is the example of a fish who didn’t just learn to fly, but to run marathons and win.

This story is obviously about them. Two little mangy brats raised in the town with one stoplight and million problems.

Logan, New Mexico. Good old 88426. A town with a population a little over one thousand people. Saying everyone knew everyone would be an understatement. The average citizen of the village was retired and or a rancher of some sort. It is the sort of town where high school football is taken as serious as the NFL, drama was our soap opera, and animals outnumbered people by thousands.

The girls were brought there by their mother, Dannie, after her divorce with their father. Well, Divorce would also be an understatement. It was a calculated move in a game set to make the girls’ father miserable. Before the divorce, they all lived together in a military house in Hawai’i. Life was great. For a reason never explained to the girls by either parents, she packed up the house and went to Logan. The worst part was, their father didn’t learn about it until he returned from a deployment. Welcome Home Daddy.

To the girls, their life was shielded from the reality of their tempestuous beginnings. Perhaps to give their mother credit, she wanted them to be free of that start. To her, it was important that her daughters viewed her as the perfect parent. She shifted the darkness around to pleasant shapes. Hiding the light behind her hands while displaying the world as she wanted them to see. It was not until later, that they learned these shadows were simply that. Shadows. Light and reality distorted behind the hands of their own mother.

The allegory of Plato’s cave teaches us about reality and perception. It is a question of a scenario. A group of people are chained inside a cave facing a blank wall their entire lives. Light behind them, creates shadows. They give names to these strange shapes and soon it is their reality. They do not try to escape or challenge the status quo. The shadows are harmless, and the shadows are truth. It is not until one decides to break away that they realize the sun is the source of the shadows.

This is a story about two girls who were chained in their own cave. A story about escape, fighting, and illumination.