Honorable Greetings,

It is my first day being elected to scribe for the honorable Judge Dairra, and what a fantastic day it has been. Not only have I been honored to work alongside the greatest mind of Iudex, but I personally witnessed the coronation of a real summoned! I could barely keep my jaw closed as she walked passed me. Judge Dairra teased me for my excitement, especially since she had seen at least three in her lifetime. I could barely keep my eyes to my scroll as she became anointed, of which my master scolded my poor penmanship.

The summoned have a long history, some records even reaching as far as the ancient Greeks. It is unsure of when their world became veiled, but their history still stretches far beyond anyone’s memory. Only the judges of Iudex really keep record of their heroes of which this itself is taken.

The recent blessing of the veil, is our own Queen Rose. It appears she had taken refuge in Ignus initially for reasons that are quite controversial. After the late king died, Ignusia allowed for King Amhar to breech our borders. This caused nearly a year of strife for our people, and to hear she had been under the roof of such traitors has left a bad taste in many mouths.  Now with her safely crowned, it is in my belief we can rebuild what has been lost.

The other three summoned currently are the always faithful Queen Padma of Mentis, the monstrous King Amhar of Viator, and the just as bad King Declan of Viator.

Before them, my records extend quite far.

Before Queen Padma, the Mentisians were led by the beautiful Queen Kalani. She was summoned from a land called the Kingdom of Hawai’i around 1890. It was said by more contemporary summoned that the kingdom has now been absorbed by the United States.

Before the awful King Declan, the Ignusians were led by the powerful Queen Dominique. She was summoned from the land of Brazil around 2000. She was a great leader, bringing forth many martial arts to the Ignusian army. Some say she was directly responsible for their current power. She, unfortunately combusted in 2007, at the tragic young age of mere twenty. It was believed she was a genius for her age and well beyond her years. Before her, was the loved King Jeremy. He was summoned right before a massive invasion in France during the summoned’s world’s great war in 2943. He was a charming American soldier who actually married the previous summoned’s daughter. His predecessor, King Volker, was a German Nobleman summoned roughly around 1902.

Before the current insanity that is the Viator Kingdom, they once had a wise queen, Joi. She was from the southern United States and died 1994 at the ripe old age of 92. Many believe her life was the greatest age of peace for the poor Viator people.

Iudex, my kingdom, was always led by the greatest of minds. Before Queen Rose, we had King Kensuke. A man summoned from the nation of Japan, in 1967. He was a quiet man, though I personally was never able to confirm otherwise. I once saw him during a ceremony, his eyes always held such intelligence as he would scan the crowd. Before he arrived, we were led by Queen Diana of Kenya from 1878.

I hope to write more about the history of our summoned, and maybe more about the important people of this land. That is of course if I have the time. Judge Diarra does not like me having too many side projects. Currently, she is giving me more duties than I have ever had expected for a new scribe. In fact, she has been more focused on General Gaojix’s request than anything at all. She won’t let me in on her current project, but I hope to eventually see what she is up to.


Scribe Pians Cass,

Iudexian Librarian Order