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Book Signing Event at Barnes and Noble

Thank you so much for supporting me during my first book event! I would especially like to thank the staff at Barnes and Noble at Christiana Mall for hosting the event. I look forward to the next event, can I say…book release party?

Audio Book and TCOI

So here is the status:

The Audio Book Cover will be releasing hopefully this weekend. Our goal is to get this to you by the end of March, so hang in there.

The Curse of Ignus is getting closer to finishing up! Stay tuned for sneak peaks and follow my Facebook page for contests and giveaways.

The Book of Iudex Launch Giveaway

Be one of five lucky winners in this first round of giveaways! Click here, to enter on goodreads.com. 

Who is Teesa?

Born to a wealthy family in the capital of Mentesia, Teesa grew up in the luxuries of being a high society noble. A descendant of Earhart the Brave, Teesa grew up under her family motto of “Lead with Strength, Follow with Heart.”. This is evident in her decision to be trained as a Warrior of the Revod, an elite group of Quad Kingdom warriors. Upon the crumbling of the kingdoms joint alliance, they scattered through out the four kingdoms. Teesa, along with a few remaining warriors, attempted to maintain the sacred practices of the Revod. They were forced to go into hiding as the war forced the warriors to choose sides, a sin in their teachings. Teesa, found herself breaking her own vows as news of her sister being captured in a slave trade made her seek the assistance of King Declan of Ignusia.  In exchange for her loyalty and service, he dedicated efforts into liberating the camps where her sister is located. Upon the death of Kensuke, Teesa was pulled back to the castle under direct order from King Declan. He then temporarily assigned her to protect Rose as she was the only guard in the kingdom he could trust with his secret. 

If you were to ask her, she would tell you she was not too happy about the decision. Frankly, she felt quite betrayed by this sudden reassignment. The only reason she allowed it, was the increase in search support for her sister in exchange for protecting Rose. 

Teesa was greatly inspired by my own sister, who happens to be named Teeyanee. She is the Judo Queen of the family, and has the most beautiful of faces. I seriously think she got every single attractive gene in our pool. The one thing that inspired me to write Teesa is her lone wolf survival instinct. My sister has survived a rough upbringing with myself, navigated college entirely on her own, suffered heartbreak, betrayal, found love, and learned how to be a warrior on her own. Teesa was created in dedication to my sister. You will certainly be seeing more of her warrior mode in the next book. 

And the Next Book Will Be….

The Curse of Ignus

*Just a heads up, spoiler alert. If you haven’t finished the first book I would advise avoiding reading on. *

We left our beloved Ignusia in the first book. Now we will be exploring the world of Tekra in further depth in the next installment, the Curse of Ignus. I have actually already had this in work for some time. The Book of Iudex went on much further, but I felt it needed to be cut in half for what was already happening. In the next book, things begin to become more difficult for Rose as she learns what it means to truly be queen. This will probably be my favorite of the series as I have drawn a lot of recent events in my life as inspiration. There will be moments of insecurity, triumph, magic, romance, blackmail, murder, sword fighting, oh and did I mention there would be romance involved? Rose and Declan will certainly have their love tested in the next book, The Curse of Ignus.

I am happy to say that I am quite excited to see the cover for the next book! Perhaps you will spot a certain theme among the art 😉 Thank you all who support the series!!-Tash



The Battle of Red Mud


As the sun slipped past the horizon, the mud trenches which had separated the Viator army and the sparsely spread Mentisian-Ignusian alliance, were flooded with an eerie silence. Tension could be felt between the sides as they readied themselves for a battle in the dark. Declan clutched the grip of his longsword as the cold of the night slowly crept in against the last rays of sun. Liam and Aubz shot occasional glances at Declan, waiting for him to pull the trigger on the attack. Yet, for every glance in anticipation, they were only met with stoic patience. He was waiting. Waiting for the signal.

The darkened silhouette of the many chevaux de frise pikes turned into a perfect blend with the night sky. A silent reminder that cavalry would be useless against the deadly traps spread across the field. The long trench before the calm, muddy field was packed with eager soldiers. Each ready for their king to set off the charge into their next bloody battle. The faint flutter of a flock of birds startled many who were already teetering on the edge.

As the faint light of a distant Viator’s pipe snuffed out into the night, Declan’s hand waved towards Aubz who immediately hurdled himself over a muddy wall, setting his heavy boots into the thick ground with a loud thump from each step. A deep, bellowing battle cry violently called out from him, signaling his battalion to follow him in a terrifying charge.

Viator soldiers were just as ready for them. Officers ordered their archers to release flaming arrows, illuminating the battlefield with a cluster of flickering, deadly lights.   Some made their mark, sending nearly a third of the bravely charging force crumbling into the mud. Aubz remained unharmed as he made it to the enemy’s trench, landing inside with his sword meeting the neck of an unlucky soldier, which instantly scattered the others in terror as their comrade’s head slapped against the wet earth.

The expecting force flanked towards Aubz’s battalion, emerging like ants from their hill around him. Declan turned towards Ciag, who nodded and lifted a flame banner. The flickering heat signaled towards the hidden legionary, who had been cleverly blended into the mud, but who were now popping up from the ground in a terrifying emergence.

The flanking Viator were overwhelmed by Ciag’s men, bringing attention to a quivering Mentisian Optio who had attempted to avoid notice by escaping Aubz’s initial charge. Liam grasped his shoulders and thrust him towards Declan, sending the man crashing to the ground. His helmet slipped off his head, landing against Declan’s armored feet with a hollow clunk.

“So, it has been you this whole time?”

The man grimaced as the officers all circled around him like a pack of wolves on wounded prey. His head whipped between their darting glares and Declan’s stoic stance.

“We knew there was a leak, but we weren’t expecting it from you, Hastian,” Declan admonished.

“You will all be dead when the morning comes. King Amhar is going to unleash a hell you will never beable to avoid,” he spat as the soldiers next to Declan all grew irritated by their traitor.

“Arrest the traitor. We will deal with him once we have finished here.” Liam motioned to a pair of men to take him away

The man cried out in desperation, “The only traitor here is you, King Declan! King of Betrayers! All of you will meet the same fate as the Iudexian King! I swear it!”

The men all looked to their king with a hint of curiosity, but Declan shook it off. He was not going to allow the cries of a foolish man deter him from gaining their much needed loyalty.


It’s Finally Here!!!

It has been a long year and now I can safely announce we are going to be releasing the first installment of the Paralleled Series! Coming this Friday at midnight!!!! Available on Amazon.com

Meet Declan

Taken at the young age of 13, Declan had ten years to overcome being the summoned of Ignusia. With a decade of having the crown on his head, what will happen when his best friend arrives as the next summoned of Iudex? 

Early Release?

Hello Friends!

    Looking for something to sink your teeth into over the holidays? The first of the Paralleled Series will be released this Black Friday at midnight! This is the official date of release……but I am thinking there may be a slip in that date 😉 I am looking for four lucky readers to receive the first Kindle Digital copy of the Book of Iudex. Check out the facebook page for more details. 

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