About the Author

Tachina is an up-and-coming fantasy author, who published The Book of Iudex in 2017, and set to publish the sequel, The Curse of Ignus, in 2019.

Forged in California, tested in New Mexico, bloomed in Hawaii, and now at the whim of Uncle Sam, Tachina considers her hometown to be a patchwork of different states. Tachina juggles the busy daily life of active duty service, being a loving wife, a dedicated mother, continuing her education with a masters degree, and also managing to make time to write.

Spending late nights by the glow of her outdated iPad, Tachina began to write as a release from her hard days of working in the fast-paced environment of Aircraft Maintenance. With the support of her husband, Edward, she managed to accomplish her life-long dream of becoming a published author in 2017.

Her books are inspired by many people in her life, often drawing on her own memories of being a child, being at school, and her experiences while serving. Her passion is the art of storytelling and being able to create a painting with colorful characters and vivid, emotional dialog.

On completion of her first novel, Tachina plans to continue The Paralleled series, with a goal of completing all four books by 2020. Her next aim will be to write a series of similar New Adult Adventure novels, with her eyes set on a western, time travel comedy, featuring a girl who travels into the past and befriends her grandmother in a Wild West adventure.