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“Give your right as ruler to me. Let the people see you are wise and have their interests at hand. Let someone, who knows what they need, protect them.”

She froze, feeling the ring on her finger suddenly feel heavier. The burden of her kingdom pulled down on her bone, begging to slip off and fall away.

The battle isn’t over, especially for Rose. Now as Queen, she faces a kingdom that is reluctant to accept her. Fixing a country in tatters from invasion isn’t an easy task, especially without the help of Declan or anyone for that matter. She could use her new power, the Everknow, but it comes at a cost she can’t afford to pay. Her memories. Her kingdom cannot survive another collapse and they depend on her next move to be the right one.

Tachina Eva’s second installment of the Paralleled series spins a tale of growth, discovery, and overcoming fears. Follow Rose Bergeron in her journey as a new queen in a hidden veiled world, battling an evil king, and holding onto love she thought she lost.

Rose Bergeron always had her reach towards the stars, never did she expect to taken to a world where rulers are chosen and she would be the next in line. Rose is more than atypical. She is more than a chosen hero. She is more than what everyone bargained for.

Tachina worked at the glow of her iPad screen for over a year, crafting her exciting tale of magic, romance, and the power of friendship. While being a loving wife, nurturing mother, seeking her masters degree, and serving in the Air Force, she finally finished her first book in the fall of 2017. With a dream of publishing, she was finally able to accomplish her goal with her first book, The Book of Iudex. available now on Amazon.com for Kindle and Paperback! Stay tuned for give-aways and updates!